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BK Nelson Literary Agency & Lecture Bureau

Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to represent the best speakers in the world to prestigious organizations for quality performance at competitive prices.
  • We are members of NACA and book professional speakers at over 800 colleges and universities.
  • When Sponsors sign on with us, they can be confident their event will feature the world’s leading experts: seasoned speakers, professional motivators, acclaimed sports champions, noted best selling authors – each the cream of the crop in their respective fields.
  • We represent world class speakers from Who's Who in Sports, Entertainment and the Arts, Film, Journalism, Politics, and much more – Speakers like Hall of Famer Whitey Ford and Olympic champion formally, Bruce Jenner, legendary entertainment personalities, seasoned figures from the world of film, television, media and communications, publishing and politics like Roger Ailes, Charles Scribner III, and Congressman Gary Franks.
  • We've had calls for Congressman Gary Franks, MIchael Douglas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brooke Shields, and Jane Fonda. Just tell us who you want and we will deliver them to your door.

Where Do Our Speakers Speak? Everywhere!

  • We book our seasoned speakers primarily at colleges and universities, guild and association meetings, women’s clubs, sports dinners, fund raisers, and conventions nationwide.
  • Our bookings range from exclusive Int'l Film Festival to American Film Market to art exhibits to Friends of the Library, Book Expo of America seminars, and important international gatherings like the annual Frankfurt Book Fair.
  • BK Nelson Lecture Bureau specializes in openings. A recent example: the vernissage we arranged for noted New York Times Art Critic Robert Hughes at the University of Washington Art Show.
  • BK Nelson is established to provide an income stream for Authors and to accelerate book sales by accessorizing lecturers.
  • Libraries & Bookshelves - They're the biggest market, and we can get you to it.

To Be Included In The Lecture Bureau:

  • Lecture Title (Lecture Subject)
  • 3 Topics
  • Brief Bio
  • $450
  • 2 Headshots, 3x5 in Color (Hard copies required. Digital can be included)

Stamps of Approval for Speakers

  • The Literacy Institute For Education (LIFE), Inc. a LiteracyLink® created by BK Nelson. We do choose our speakers carefully.
  • BK Nelson is associated with the National Association of Campus Activities - NACA, books you at colleges and universities.

BK Nelson Lecture Bureau Special Events

  • BK Nelson Lecture Bureau is a member of National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) to book speakers and authors at over 3,000 universities and colleges. Participate in 2015-2016 NACA Advertising Opportunity Magazine - $1100 for A Whole Page or The Inside Front Cover.
  • BK Nelson Lecture Bureau exhibits at the annual Book Expo of America (BEA). Our authors have enjoyed huge success lecturing, autographing books, presiding at forums.
  • BK Nelson Lecture Bureau Speakers appear at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October. At this events, we arrange to present our Speakers and their books to important international audiences. A bonus for Authors is foreign book sales.
  • BK Nelson Lecture Bureau will have an office at the AFM (American Film Market) in Santa Monica this year. BK Nelson will also have booths at smaller trade shows to present Authors, Screenwriters and Speakers to the film industry.
  • BK Nelson Lecture Bureau attends the Frankfurt Book Fair, Book Expo of America, & The American Film Market (AFM) through 2017. Join us.
  • BK Nelson will showcase you.

BK NELSON, the owner of BK Nelson Literary Agency. I have been a literary agent in good standing for 20 years and a Notary Public, listed in Who's Who In the World; Charter Member of Business Consumer Alliance, have Certificate of Qualification to transact intrastate business in California; Certified as a Minority Business Enterprise with the NYS Department of Economic Development, Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development, BBB; agency incorporated in the State of New York; listed in the Literary Market Place; have degree of BACHELOR OF LAWS DIPLOMA in AMERICAN LAW.

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Phone: (760) 902-1868