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Literacy Institute For Education (L.I.F.E.)


  • Bonita K. Nelson, President
  • John Benson, Vice President
  • Jo Dawn, Treasurer/Secretary


  1. To provide role models who will demonstrate the importance of seeing reading as a useful tool in achieving success and as a very worthwhile leisure time activity.
  2. To promote the idea that remaining in school is essential to preparing children for today's competitive market.


  1. Speakers will be invited to schools by parents associations, local school boards, and/or by the schools themselves.
  2. Speakers will tie-in their success with development of skills in reading, writing, and analysis.
  3. Published and Electronic materials will be utilized to demonstrate their importance in developing reading and writing skills.


  1. The speakers will be in the educational and professional field (see our convenient Speakers directory to learn more about our speakers and their credentials).
  2. 100% of speakers screened for the ability to address groups. Most of our speakers are published, and many have PhDs.


  1. We welcome grants from all industries, organizations, and individuals.
  2. There will be an annual honorarium, and we welcome your support by January 15th. 

Problems To Be Addressed

  1. Reading and writing - Lost skills
  2. Learn as you go - Leisure time activity tool in learning.
  3. Don't drop-out. Why remain? Economic intensive.
    • Rent (1000 a month)
    • Speakers (1500 x 52 weeks) 10,000  
    • Supplies
    - Letter heads (750)
    - File Cabinets (500)
    - Office Supplies (500)
    • Brochures 3,300  
    • Utilities (phone) 300 x 12 3,600  
    • Equipment - fax, Computer, furniture 5,100  
    • Salaries 60,000  
    • Officers/administration compensation 40,000  
    Total Budget: 213,750  
    Fund Request: 213,750  

    Our goal is to have L.I.F.E. become a self-sustaining entity and continue to provide the services outlined in this proposal.