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Celebrated Literary Agent

BK Nelson, Inc: Books, Movies, Lectures of Palm Springs, California, has a long career of helping aspiring writers achieve greatness through our literary agency and film production services. She has represented many illustrious artists and hopes to represent you as well.

Highly Acclaimed Clients

Ms. Nelson has made the careers of many authors and speakers, including:

  • T.D. Austin, "People of the Bear Mother" series
  • Joe Morrissey, Screen SAG "Plausible Deniability", "Stick Dancing"
  • Darrin Ramage, Largest world wide distributor, "Chasing the Fear"
  • Paul Phillips, Good Medicine Man, Taking the Conn,Two Brother
  • Will Lonardo, "Where Have You Been, Billy Boy?" (A True Story)
  • Tor Dahl, "The Art of High Performance", "The Science of High Performance"
  • Sy Sperling, Founder of Men's Hair Club™, Catering to Millions of Balding Men
  • Dr. Arthur Pell, "Idiots Guide to Managing People", "Team Builder"
  • Teddy Getty-Gaston, "Teddy and Paul" as told to Ware Lynch
  • Marc Stephen Garrison, Ph.D, "Creating Wealth Without Risk"
  • Luis Mercado, "Humanology/Discovering Father Earth"
  • Shirley Cinty, "The Adventures of Sebastian the Angel Kitty" Vol. I & II
  • Dr. Phyllis Mindell, How to Say It For Women
  • Michael Jackson, beyond a Man by Anakhanda Mushaba
  • Congressman Gary Franks, "First Black Congressman"
  • Charles Rubin, "Don't Let Your Kids Kill You"
  • Ware Lynch, "Rape! OneVictim's Story"
  • Jeff Davidson, Nonfiction Author
  • Bob Waters of the "Avenger" Series
  • Robert W. Bly of "Star Trek" I & II
  • Noreen Nash Siegel, Historical Romance Writer
  • Jovanka Bach, "Platypus" Series
  • Dr. Phyllis Mindell, How to Say It For Women
  • April Longabaugh, "They Live Among Us"
  • Dagny Robertson, "Samhain Soup"
  • Toshihiko Abe, "Japans Hidden Face"
  • How to Buy Forelcosed Real Estate, Ted Dallow

Successful Education

Honor Student graduate from high school in Fayetteville, NC. A graduate of Hunter College, New York, Ms. Nelson was an exchange student in Kyoto, Japan. She holds a certificate from Worth Business College, a diploma in American Law and Procedure, and a Law Degree from La Salle University. She is the founder and president of the Literary Institute for Education, Inc., a "Literacy Link." In 1999, she also received the Certificate of Qualification from the Secretary of State, State of California.

Show-Stopping Accomplishments

After her discovery at the Lambs Club's "John Wayne Gambol," as well as a 13-week stint on a Philadelphia Sunday television show, Ms. Nelson came to New York City where she became a spokesperson and weather girl. She joined the American Play Company, representing "Guys and Dolls," "Chicago," and "Rear Window." Ms. Nelson became Assistant to the President, who sold the company to Michael Douglas for $8.5 mil. Next, she joined the Entertainment Law Firm of Eastman & DeSilva, representing Michael Jackson, purchase of the Beatle collection, & every major play on Broadway.