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Bonita Nelson

Meet Bonita Nelson

Founder and President of BK Nelson Literary Agency & Lecture Bureau. BK Nelson has been selling major books to the publishing world and she founded the BK Nelson Lecture Bureau, which represents celebrities and speakers worldwide. In these two fields, Ms. Nelson's clients include diverse figures ranging from athletes Steve Garvey and Caitlyn Jenner, to former U.S. President George Bush's Senior Media Advisor Roger Ailes, and respected members of the U.S. Congress, such as the erstwhile controversial African-American legislator from Connecticut, Hon. Gary Franks.

Ms. Nelson has sold over 3200 titles to publishers, movies and television. As well as coordinating literary and speaking tours and seminars for clients internationally. Ms. Nelson has launched more first time authors than any other agent in the world.

She has launched the careers of authors Herman Holtz, Ware Lynch, Jeff Davidson, Bob Waters of the "Avenger" series, and Robert W. Bly (Star Trek I and II); she handles historical romance writer Noreen Nash Siegel as well as Teddy Getty-Gaston (last wife of Jean-Paul Getty). Another Nelson client, Sy Sperling founded of the Men's Hair Club and foremost sales consultant, Dr. Arthur Pell author of "Managing People" and "Team Building", as well as Dr. Phylis Mindell, author of "Woman's Guide to Business Language".

A major historical documentary Ms. Nelson represented won both the Ace, Emmy and Peabody Awards, and HBO picture (aired on TNT and BBC). She sold "The Love Bomb" to Disney, "Lipstick" to Paramount, and to Dino de Laurentiis, "She's a Cop." In addition, she represented a hot new vehicle entitled, "A Play on Words" starring Susan Hogan.

Ms. Nelson opened up a branch office in Beverly Hills, and Palm Springs. Enabling her to not only represent television and motion picture writers and producers, but to branch out into producing herself. She is executive producer of "People of the Bear Mother" and "Christmas Caper." She represents Brendan Ward as well as "Paradise Found" by Don Gold, producer of "Diagnosis Murder" with Dick Van Dyke.

Ms. Nelson collaborated on two Broadway musicals, "Looking for Canterbury" and "Hotel Antoine," as well as the 16-week showcase on the musical play "Winds of Change: The Story of Madame Blavatsky." She edited Breecher's Odyssey and Ghost Idol, and authored the published book HOW TO FIND A LITERARY AGENT.

Ms. Nelson represented the play "Sonya," starring Julie Harris, performed at the Phoenix Theatre, New York; she represented the play "Pinocchio," produced at GACT and sold it to Applause Books. She represents playwrights John Morogiello and Leon Katz, produced at the Kennedy Center, and adapted  "Treasure Island".

After her discovery at the Lambs' Club's "John Wayne Gambol" and a 13-week 15 minute spot playing the organ on a Philadelphia Sunday TV show, Ms. Nelson came to New York City, where she was a spokeswoman and weather girl. She joined the staff of the American Play Company, representing "Guys and Dolls", "Chicago", and "Rear Window" starring the late Christopher Reeves. She became Assistant to Sheldon Abend, the President of the oldest literary agency in the United States. Thereafter, she joined the firm of noted entertainment attorney Lee Eastman, (father of the late Linda Eastman McCartney, who married Beatle Paul McCartney), where she handled backers' auditions. Ms. Nelson worked days and weekends and attended school at night. Bonita also put on her own fashion shows and did gameshow work in between her big jobs and projects. 

A graduate of Hunter College, New York, Ms. Nelson was an exchange student in Kyoto, Japan. She holds a certificate from Worth Business College, a diploma in American Law and Procedure, and a law degree from La Salle University. She is the Founder and President of the Literary Institute for Education (LIFE), Inc., a "Literacy Link" . Her memberships include: National Association for Female Executives; American Booksellers Association; Pleasantville (NY) Garden Club Treasurer, American Association of University Women, Authors’ Guild of America, Dramatists’ Guild and was a signatory to Writers Guild of America (WGA); a member of Minority and Women Owned Business in the State of New York and formed a California Corporation via a Certificate of Qualification from the Secretary of State, State of California 3354581.

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