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Bonita Nelson

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If you want to make a movie, this is where you should be... let us represent you at The American Film Market In Santa Monica, CA, in November. We provide promotional benefits such as: full page, 4- color Ad in AFM Screening Guide. A Web Banner on The Film Catalog.com, a year-round resource for movie buyers. We will create your sell sheet with the movie title, log line, photo and credentials for your film production.

If you wish to participate, click here.

Play on Words

A major historical documentary Ms. Nelson represented won both the Ace, Emmy and Peabody Awards, and HBO picture (aired on TNT and BBC). She sold "The Love Bomb" to Disney, "Lipstick" to Paramount, and to Dino de Laurentiis, "She's a Cop." In addition, she is co-producing a hot new vehicle which is in development entitled, "A Play on Words" starring Susan Hogan.

Ms. Nelson has branch offices Mira Loma, Palm Springs, California and Florida. This move has enabled her to not only represent television and motion picture writers and producers, but to branch out into producing herself. Keep in mind the easiest way to contact us is through this website. Ms. Nelson,  executive producer of "A Woman Apart" and "The Alexander Cylinder," both written by her client Brendan Ward as well as "Paradise Found" by producer Don Gold of "Diagnosis Murder" with Dick Van Dyke.

Ms. Nelson collaborated on two Broadway musicals, "Looking for Canterbury" and "Hotel Antoine," as well as on the 16-week showcase musical play "Winds of Change: The Story of Madame Blavatsky." She is the editor of Breecher's Odyssey and Ghost Idol.

Ms. Nelson represented the play "Sonya," starring Julie Harris, performed at the Phoenix Theatre, New York; she also represented the play "Pinocchio," produced at GACT and sold the play  to Applause Books; she represents internationally known playwright John Morogiello as well as Leon Katz, whose plays have been produced at the Kennedy Center.

Chekhov & Maria

Mopp Face

Mopp Face (Horror)
Starring Eric Roberts