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For Self Published Authors

Annual Conference And Exhibit -
California Library Association (CLA) Nov 5th - 8th 2016, Pasadena, CA

If you are a self published author and/or have an overflow of books, contact us today! We will take your book to this show in November and introduce it to Librarians who are interested in buying books. Subjects include, but are not limited to, fiction, non-fiction, children and young adult, law, academia, state and local, special interest groups, educational and military.

Exhibit Highlights:

  • Over 1,400 Librarians have purchase power for over 7,000 Libraries.
  • Libraries looking for new titles, all genres accepted.
  • Autograph sessions available for authors upon request.

What We Can Do for Your Book

  • Book Sales of America
  • Book Expo of America, BEA 
  • Frankfurt Book Fair 


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Editorial Director
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